The Land of the Free

land of the free usa

The United States Of America “Land of the Bold, the Wild, and the Free” 

We’ve all heard of the most famous and, arguably, the most powerful country in the planet. The United States of America is such a huge and astonishing country, that everybody in the world knows where it is, who they are, what they do, and how they live.

With the vast amounts of land mass, and millions of people, Americans are, as one could say, at the top of the world. With their economy being highly developed and mixed, good business innovations, great cities, and their natural beauty.

There is no doubt, that everyone in the world had at least thought of visiting the USA. And here, we’ll tell you some of the best places to go so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest, in the land of the free. 

The first place that we have to tell you about, is the one and only, New York City. Now, we’ve all heard or have at least seen this place at least once in our lifetime. From movies like the Ghostbusters or Birdman, to TV shows such as Friends or Seinfield. New York has been etched into everyones’ mind one way or another. But what can we do, once we’re there? Well, you’ll be surprised at the vast amount of people you can meet and the places you can be in, at good old New York City. So, here’s to name a few: 

Before everything else, one must definitely, and this is at the top of the list, take a sightseeing tour all around New York City. This is to give you a general feel as to what it’s like to live and breathe in this great city. Tours like would take you from Harlem and maybe catch the next great event in Apollo Theater, to having some of the best gelato’s, like the ones’ at Grom, that Lower Manhattan can provide. 

And afterwards, if you don’t have a place to stay or any relatives to take you in, you can book a room in a hotel like the Concorde or the Beekman, so that whenever you plan on calling it a night, you’ll be able to sleep safe and to the best of your comfort. 

The next day you can catch a Broadway show like Waitress in Brooks Atkinson Theatre, or Derren Brown: Secret to Broadway in Cort theatre. All of which, are amazing shows that you should definitely not miss while you’re in New York. 

And when all else is done, when the sun is about to set, seeing the city’s one of a kind skyline, is a must. The skyline is one of the most beautiful and natural things the city can offer, and you can experience this with either the three observation decks available, like the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, and Top of the Rock at Rockfeller center. All of which have different views or perspectives, so if possible, do try them all. 

And these can all be done within a day! So imagine exploring the concrete jungle of New York City, and experiencing some of the most wondrous things that USA can give you. So the question shouldn’t be why travel to New York City, it should be why not?

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