The Best Things to Do in Bali.

he Best Things to Do in Bali.

Bali remains to be the most popular tourist destination in the world, especially if you’re looking for a certain paradise in this great big world. It has everything you could ever wish for so of course, everybody would want to go there! 

But we all know that staying in a foreign country for vacation doesn’t last, which means time is limited, and so are the number of activities one can do. So to help make sure your trip is  worth it, we’ve compiled a small list of the best things you can do in Bali! 

Go surfing in Kuta. 

Whether you’ve surfed before or want to learn how to, the best way to catch the waves is by surfing on the beaches of Kuta

Kuta is known for its famous beaches, little to no sharp reefs, and surfing activities. This is the best way to either sit back and have a day with the sounds of the waves crashing or to try and learn to ride those waves for an unforgettable experience. 

There is no need to be shy here, as everybody is very welcoming and accepting of people trying to learn something new! 

Go Muck Diving in Padang Bai. 

If diving is more your style, then you can do so in Padang Bai which can be found in the East of  Bali

It is well known for its diving, as clear waters, beautiful coral reefs, and an abundance of aquatic animals are what will await you on your journey along the waters of Padang Bai. You can be an experienced diver, or a completely new one, either way, you will be able to enjoy diving at its finest in Padang Bai! 

And if you want to know any specific thing you can find there, sharks, turtles, waving fans, and coral gardens are pretty common. So if you want to try swimming with the fishes, then you know where to go! 

Strap on a jetpack at Tanjung Benoa. 

Modern times have given us some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology. That includes jetpacking, with the help of hydraulics and a lot of water. 

The  modern jetpack can be found in Tanjung Benoa. And is one of the best tourist attractions for the people of the world to try. Yes, you can try on a  jetpack and see Bali from a perspective that not a lot of people know or may ever experience. You can learn along the way as well, so don’t worry about falling face down to the water so many times. 

The typical ride will take you about 20 minutes, but that much time is worth all the trouble of learning how to use the jetpack because trust me, that view is something to die for! 


The Last Paradise is one of the most amazing places anyone can ever visit in the world. Its stunning beaches, fun activities, and an overall great atmosphere is what a lot of people exactly want. So if you have the chance to visit Bali this year, then be sure to take it. You already know some of the best things you can do there anyway! 

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