Here is a wrestler shooting fireworks off his own body on top of a car

If you saw WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic last year, you’ve seen Kota Ibushi showcase his in-ring skills. Or maybe you’ve seen him in New Japan Pro Wrestling before that.

But Ibushi has an absurd side that casual wrestling fans haven’t seen much of. He has wrestled a blow up doll and barely won. Ibushi has also channeled his inner BMX rider in a match and launched himself at his opponent.

But yo, Ibushi is playing with fireworks on top of a car now. Not only that, but he’s bold enough to direct them towards himself and then jump off the car for a moonsault.

You should never try wrestling moves at home, but never in a million years should you try doing what Ibushi just did. This is awesome (please don’t do this).

Had the Wildcats defeated West Virginia in Friday’s Big 12 Tournament semifinals, they probably wouldn’t be on this list. As it stands now they are, and their dreadful non-conference schedule might not give them much hope in the Committee room. The Wildcats’ best non-Big 12 performance came in a loss to Maryland in Brooklyn, while their best actual win, over Colorado State in Denver, pales in comparison. January’s SEC/Big 12 Challenge didn’t help matters — K-State lost its game at Tennessee by 12.

Three Top-25 wins, with two over Baylor coming away from Manhattan, might be enough. But K-State’s inability to schedule decent games in November and December look likely to be its undoing.

Saturday’s loss to Arkansas in the SEC Tournament semifinals means the Commodores are likely to be the NCAA tournament’s first-ever 15-loss at-large entrant. Rhode Island’s win in Sunday afternoon’s Atlantic 10 final means Vanderbilt might be headed to Dayton for the second consecutive March.1

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