Lane Kiffin reportedly hiring his father, Monte, after their USC split

Lane Kiffin has been at his new FAU job for a new months now, and his staff has come together, featuring offensive coordinator Kendall Briles, the son of fired Baylor head coach Art Briles, and his brother Chris as defensive coordinator, who was a longtime defensive assistant at Ole Miss with Hugh Freeze.

Now, it looks like Kiffin has added yet another family member to his staff, and it’s one that he’s worked with before. On Friday, ESPN reported that Monte Kiffin would be joining FAU’s staff, but what his job title will be is still unclear.

Kiffin’s exact role is not yet known. His hiring was first reported by Sporting News.

But it was March 15, 1994, and he had already picked up 25 league goals, as well as three in the cups. By this point he was just shy of 100 career goals for Southampton and Blackburn across all competitions, and was 41 goals into his eventual Premier League record of 260.

Now, at the age of 23 years, seven months and two days, Harry Kane has played across League One and the Championship, but mostly in the Premier League. He’s played and scored for Tottenham Hotspur, Leyton Orient, Leicester City, and Millwall, as well as failing to score for Norwich City. And thanks to his hat-trick against Stoke City last weekend, he’s scored 102 goals so far, including 66 in the Premier League.

We’ve dealt with Curry slumping this season, and it looked like he had broken out if it just fine over the past month. In fact, Kevin Durant helped facilitate Curry getting his magic back by taking on a slightly lesser role. But that was all last month — now, it seems, Curry and Thompson are stacking up bricks faster than any terrible cliche I could finish this sentence with.

So what’s our conclusion — that the Warriors are bad, overrated and should blow the team up to tank while there’s still time left to do so? Well, no, that’s not it. Let’s remember how talented Golden State actually is for a moment here.2

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