Here’s how many millions Danny Amendola gave up to stay a Patriot

What did the Patriots gain? Per Volin, the Patriots decreased Amendola’s cap hit from $6.8 million to just under $3 million. That’s for a receiver who caught 65 passes and totaled 648 yards last season. He might not be the Patriots’ top option, but he’s a reliable target behind Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. When the Patriots lost those guys to injuries at various points last season, Amendola shined.

As Bill Belichick likes to say, Amendola certainly did his job. And the Patriots rewarded Amendola by letting him stick around for another season — and by taking away $4.4 million. Of course, nobody forced Amendola to accept the pay cut, and he could’ve tested free agency to potentially land a more significant pay day. Instead, Amendola seemingly values the chance to play with Brady and win another Super Bowl more than a bigger contract.

By the way, the final year of Amendola’s contract (2017) isn’t guaranteed. So, expect a similar scenario to play out a year from now.

Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte have a history, which would go a long way in explaining why the former described the latter as the NFL’s best all-around running back.

“This is a guy that, to me, over the past eight years has been the best all-around back our league has had,” Marshall told NJ Advance Media. “I think it’s going to be a treat for all of New York to just sit back and watch him really work.

“Since 1992, the Binghamton Mets and New York Mets have been proud affiliates — one of the longest affiliations in the Eastern League,” said team president John Hughes in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be keeping Double-A, New York Mets baseball here in the community but with a new name that everyone in Binghamton can call its own. The new name will bring in a new era that proudly represents a crown jewel of the community.”

The aspect that will get Kemp noticed the most is his body. He’s listed at 5-foot-6, which, in the height-inflated world of pro athletics, means he’s probably closer to 5-foot-4 when barefoot. No matter whether you give him the benefit of a shoe or not, Kemp is one of the shortest players in baseball.

Just how short is Kemp? He’s listed at the same height (66 inches) as teammateJose Altuve, who in turn is tied for the shortest player in baseball with Padresutilityman Alexi Amarista. Baseball-Reference lists two other position players as being within an inch of Altuve: White Sox shortstop Jimmy Rollins and Royals pinch-runner Terrance Gore. Otherwise? Everyone else is listed at 68 inches (including the shortest pitcher, Marcus Stroman) and up.

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