Bengals reportedly give Marvin Lewis a one-year extension

Despite failing to make it out of the first round of the playoffs for the seventh-straight season, the Bengals extended Marvin Lewis, according to a report.

Of course, this is the Internet though, where nothing can ever be deleted.

The Bengals are a consistently talented team in the NFL throughout the regular season. They don’t play well in the playoffs, and it stings, but there have been extenuating circumstances at different points for those games.

Lewis shouldn’t get a free pass for the playoff games, which is precisely why he’s only getting a one-year deal, but the Bengals could do much, much worse than Lewis.

As we wait for the start of Eagles camp, it is time to start grabbing a jersey or two to wear this season. The Eagles have a lot of new players to choose from to replace a jersey you might own of a player that has departed.

One jersey that is flying off the shelves for Birds fans, is the Tim Tebow jersey. That’s right…Tebow.

Lewis is still the second-longest tenured coach in the NFL behind the Patriots’ Bill Belichick — the willingness of the Bengals to be patient with his franchise development is a reason Cincinnati is consistent in a difficult era to be a quality NFL team year in and year out.

You would think at a certain point the whole “Johnny Manziel to the Broncos” train would stop moving. Like, before it got out of the station.

Apparently it won’t stop though. Not too long after Gary Kubiak and Denver talked to Manziel, we got Von Miller, Super Bowl 50 MVP and another former player at Texas A&M,talking about his buddy again.

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