4 of the Most Scenic Routes in the Midwest

lake michigan landscape

Looking for a nice lengthy drive while you’re in the Midwest? Well, not all roads can lead to a beautiful horizon. Some may leave you a bit disappointed while others show to be more than what you could expect. So, to help you in your long drive towards a calming sunset, here are the 4 Most Scenic Routes in the Midwest.

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Straits of Mackinac

In the state of Michigan you’ll find a couple of straits unlike any other. The Straits of Mackinac is a 5 mile drive that connects the Upper and Lower peninsulas. And once you’re there and the sun is high up in the sky, you’ll see it as if it’s a painting of greens and blues. Green foliage and the blue sky along with the lake. Just looking at it from a distance is enough to leave most people in amazement. 

And if you have time to stop over at St. Ignace and Mackinac City, you can enjoy a handful of activities such as a tour on the Revolutionary War Era Forts, some ziplining, or take a ferry to Mackinac Island where you can buy various souvenirs and food to delight yourself with. 

Leelanau County 

The drive along the Leelanau County will take you around Lake Michigan, which is just Northeast of Traverse City. This road will also take you the vineyards and orchards ripple across the hills. 

And if you’re looking for a stop along the way to appreciate the beauty, then one notable one is  Omena Cut Flowers which is just 7 miles North of Suttons Bay. Here, the visitors can enjoy the view from Lake Michigan’s shores and explore the 23 gardens for their own bucket of flowers, all the while having a drink. 

Park County 

In the state of Indiana, you’ll find the nation’s highest concentration of covered bridges, with at least 31 of those, in the Wabash River Valley. You can also check maps from the Rockville Visitors Center that shows color coded routes that would take you to multiple historic spans. 

And if you want a place to relax and maybe play a bit of horseback riding and some hiking, stopping by nearby Turkey Run State Parks is sure to get you what you need. But if you’re feeling a bit more artsy, the Covered Bridge Art Gallery in Rockville can show you the works of 30 local artists. 

 Adams County

Finally, a drive that everyone should go through; the Adams County in Ohio is home to some redbud-splashed hills, and can take you to Shawnee State Park in Scioto County. And with how many visitors there are, it’s no wonder some of them have started to explore the Appalachia, where some roads have gotten names such as Plum Run and Hackleshin. 

And if you’re looking to stop nearby and enjoy the great view, then go and visit the Amis businesses or Serpent Mound. But don’t let it distract you from the County’s true beauty, the amazing scenery, with at least 1,200 plant species growing on 14,000 acres, you’re sure to get a memorable experience. 

Start organizing your next tour to the USA

A tour through the USA. This is a great tour to start planning. Because of the size of America, you have so many options about the different destinations, attractions, and activities that you can do and experience. 

But the one thing that is essential, is that you need to plan your tour correctly. Otherwise, you are ending up with a tour that will not be as what you hoped it would be. These are things that you should consider when you are starting to organize your next tour to the USA.

The budget that you will need

The amount of money you’ll need in order to tour without worrying about money. If you are planning a tour for you and your friends, you should make sure that you are dividing the costs equally between everyone. 

This is something that you should do ahead of time. So that you and your friends have enough time to save up for your tour. 

The route that you want to tour in 

Now, you need to start considering the route that you want to tour in. Because of the size of America, you’ll need to have a route of all the places and attractions that you would like to see. There are different routes that you can follow, that are popular tourist touring routes.

Or, you can create your own route, by going to all the places that you want to see in America. 

Making your accommodation bookings 

Something else that you need to do in advance. You need to make sure that you are making your accommodation bookings. To ensure that you and your friends have a place to sleep every single night. If you don’t want to make accommodation bookings, you might struggle during the tour to find accommodation. 

Especially, during the holiday season. The sooner you are making your bookings, the cheaper you might find your accommodation. 

Making a list of places you want to visit 

You need to make a list of places you want to visit. Otherwise, you are going to miss a couple of destinations during your tour. This is where you and your friends are sitting together and you are all giving ideas about places and attractions that you want to see during your trip. Making sure that you are considering everyone’s taste and preferences. 

With these tips, you will be able to organize a great tour through the USA. And, you will have a great time with friends and family during the trip. Just make sure that you are considering everyone’s tastes and the things that everyone wants to do, and you will have the best possible time.